About Us

The Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures

The Online Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures came about as a result of a rapidly changing interconnected world, which appears to be growing more and more interested in improving our inner and outer experience.  Pam Cayton, Creating Compassionate Cultures and founder of Tara Redwood School, noticed that people all over the planet were interested and inspired to make the world a better, happier place, which in turn inspired her to help connect all these people with one another and make the work she has done over the past 25 years at Tara Redwood School available to the world community.

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It all began in the 1970's, when Lama Yeshe started sharing his ideas about a "universal education" that would go "beyond buddhism." When Cayton moved to the United States with her young family after living at Kopan Monastary in Nepal, she found that the educational options in the area did not embody the spiritual quality she was looking for. It was at this point that she began Tara Preschool (see Tara Redwood School).

Several years later, Creating Compassionate Cultures was established to design and create materials (CCC curriculum, CCC tools) and parent and teacher workshops to help guide others wishing to integrate what she had learned practicing Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom with children, teachers and families. These products are provided by CCC’s online store. All the products are earth friendly, ethically produced and designed by children and express their wish to be a positive difference in the world. Shortly following the creation of CCC, it was clear that an online program was the optimum medium for making training available to the global community, and thus the birth of Online Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures.